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The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
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June 2022
A podcast for thoughtful travellers hosted by Amanda Kendle

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is a show for travel lovers of all kinds who want to hear stories from fellow travel addicts on topics like meeting the locals, getting lost, what we learn on our travels, slow travel and memorable travel moments. Established in 2016, the podcast has featured guests like Paul Theroux and Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, but some of the best stories come from guests who volunteer their stories after being long-term listeners, and have their voices heard for the first time.

In each episode host Amanda Kendle chats with two or three different travellers – bloggers, photographers, authors, artists, and more – and they tell tales of their travels related to the episode’s topic. The emphasis is on travel that means we're travelling more thoughtfully - which might be sustainable travel, or travel that gives back in some way - but the most important part is that we hear great stories to inspire us to keep travelling.

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23 days ago

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Founder, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast,

Thanks so much for featuring The Thoughtful Travel Podcast! It's been a fabulous six years (and counting) with hundreds of amazing guests although my favourite part is all the listeners I've got to know.

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing your podcast with the Travel Massive community, and congrats on all your achievements over the past years! I tuned in to your 6 year anniversary show — excited to hear that you joined the board at RISE Travel Institute ( bravo!

1 month ago
Founder, Business Development, Painted Circle

Hi Amanda - I'm enjoying listening for the first time and look forward to diving into your past episodes and your website. Let's connect!

1 month ago
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