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Street Hues: Seattle Urban Art Tour Explore vibrant street art in Seattle while supporting non-profits

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Global Family Travels invites you on this exciting Urban Street Art experience in partnership with 3 non-profit organizations serving community wellbeing through the arts, 206 Zulu, Experience Education and Urbanists!

Seattle boasts a vibrant culture of street art, from the powerful pieces done in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, to the world’s longest mural display along the light rail corridor in SODO, to ever changing murals on buildings and in alleys brimming with the brilliant work of local artists. Join this small group walking adventure to explore the street art in Seattle’s Central District and Chinese-International District neighborhoods. We will travel by foot and streetcar to examine tremendously varied street art, from graffiti, tags, and β€œsticker bombs” to elaborate spray paint, brush work, and stencil pieces. Become the proud β€œpublic” in public art as we celebrate local artists and explore topics such as ownership, power, and identity in street art.

This experience is one of our Seattle Community Tours & Team Building Experiences, so check out all of the other fun experiences you can enjoy with Global Family Travels!

More about our partners on this Community-based experience:

* 206 Zulu, a Seattle-based community organization that uses Hip Hop culture and the arts as platforms for community service, education and empowerment,
* Experience Education provides arts and culture-based education, experiences and life skills for individual empowerment, holistic development, and community wellbeing.
* Urbanists is an organization that is committed to serving community through art and public engagement.

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Street Hues: Seattle Urban Art Tour

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