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Staypia Find and compare the lowest hotel prices

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🏨 AI detects lower than the lowest prices for all hotels worldwide.

Staypia uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to β€˜create’ lower than the lowest price. Search 3.16M hotels worldwide to get the lowest price, and get up to 31% more in membership discount.

Unlike other hotel booking sites, there’s no hidden fees or surprises. Staypia’s unique discount program is 100% automated and we can afford to give it all back to you.

Learn more about how Staypia works at www.staypia.com/service

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PR/Marketer, Staypia.com

Hi Travel Massive, Staypia is an AI powered travel app that helps you find the lowest hotel price! We've built the app to run autonomously, saving operational costs so we can give it back to you in extra discounts. The app also helps you plan for your next trip with bucketlists and Keytalk search.

For example, a deluxe suite at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas is available at $745, or $559 on advance purchase promotion, (excluding taxes and fees) on a busy Saturday night. On Staypia, the lowest price is $381 including tax. The difference is almost $200 per night.

Staypia is powered by Mycelebs Keytalk Suite (www.mycelebs.com), an AI search and recommendation engine.

I hope you find Staypia useful - let us know in the comment what you like (or don't like) so we can continue to improve. Looking forward to your feedback!

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Elli, thanks for sharing Staypia with the Travel Massive community.

Comments/feedback below.

1. I did a quick search for hotels in Hobart, Tasmania (near where I live) and compared the results with Hotels Combined. The results were similar between Staypia and Hotels Combined, both for prices and providers.

2. I assume that the additional discount for members (who sign in) is provided by Staypia passing on its commission from the OTA?

3. I'm a little skeptical of the "powered by AI" tagline. Obviously price comparison engines work with large sets of data (e.g. hotels, airlines) and also have to determine other factors such as availability (always hard for meta-search) to serve results, quickly. Could you explain in more details about exactly how Staypia is using AI, from a technical viewpoint?

4. When I signed up to Staypia, I had to agree to the terms and conditions which included a checkbox for "Receive special offers (optional)". Trying to opt-out of the "optional" marketing option unchecked the "Agree to All Terms and Conditions" checkbox. This was a little annoying and some might call this a dark UX pattern if it's not a bug.

Hope this feedback helps, and I'll be sure to try Staypia when I need a hotel next!

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Why you need AI to find best prices? you can use simple services like kayak.com or hotelin.com

3 months ago
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