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Share your travel videos and photos with the world
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September 2022
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šŸ¤³ is a place to share travel photos, videos and tips from your travels.

Here's how it works:

šŸ“± Download the App and create a trip
šŸ“ø Add videos and pictures of things to do where you live or travel
šŸ¤³ Your travel tips are available on the app
šŸŒ Your travel tips are also available on the web

You can share videos and pictures from your travels. You can also add web links, pins and audio clips. Discovery of these trip ideas are enjoyable, informative and engaging. Share and get trip ideas from friends you haven't met yet.

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Our goal is to create a place where travelers can use their existing videos and pictures from their travels as travel tips and suggestions. Videos and pictures are visually engaging and captivating and it's a shame for them to sit on phones when they could be enlightening fellow travellers. Making their travels more enjoyable. We want people to share their happy places:)

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Ankesh, thanks for sharing your app with the Travel Massive community.

I just tried out the app - it was very easy to sign up and get started, well done!

Do you plan on adding a map so members can explore everyoneā€™s trips?

How does your business model work?

1 year ago

Thanks Ian, yes we have a map view that shows all the places people have visited on on their travels which is not only available in the App but also on the web. You can visit this page and when you click on the globe you will see all the places I visited in Waikiki.

1 year ago

Our business will be successful if users contribute trip ideas via videos and pictures, so we will share 30% of the advertising revenue from the content that people post with them. In addition they will receive an additional 5% from people they refer.

1 year ago