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Sober Retreats

Sober adventures for people in recovery
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We started Sober Retreats to show you that life and travel doesn’t need to stop when you give up drinking, and that travel only gets better in recovery. Sober Retreats is your safe place to come and experience amazing soulful journeys with the support of your sober family.

​We know that sometimes the thought of traveling as a sober person can be a little daunting however it doesn’t need to be with Sober Retreats - we have your back and you will be fully supported by one of our sober team the whole way, from the time of booking until you head home.

​Sober travel can be fun, soulful and joyful, our retreats are all about you and your recovery! Sober retreats are mainly focused on relaxation, healing, wellness, meditation, yoga and many more soulful goodies. We believe you deserve a life full of joy and happiness.

​We LOVE to collaborate, welcome sober mentors, coaches, recovery and wellness leaders to work together with us to bring their sober retreat dreams to life. We fully customize your Retreat your way and our experienced sober team will be with you to assist you in every detail.

​Reach out and let’s create magic together.

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Founder, Soul Bliss Journeys

Hi everyone, sober retreats in my passion business to help people in recovery get out and still enjoy amazing travel without needing to worry about drinking, group support and lots of fun and adventures.

2 years ago