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SmartNomad Plan & Book Trips

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SmartNomad makes it easy to plan personalized itineraries, quickly book your vacation with a single click and get digital assistance during the trip.

We are currently available for US travelers exploring different parts of the world; but hope to expand our footprint soon.

With SmartNomad, you can:

1. Save Time: Take trip planning from 40 hours to 40 seconds, including flight, hotel, rental car and activities. SmartNomad does all the work, because life is too short for travelers to do all the research.

2. Create Personalized Trips: Whether a hopeless romantic or history buff, create personalized itineraries powered by SmartNomad's sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) + Human Intelligence (HI) system.

3. Travel Smartly: Avoid traffic, plan for the best weather, be confident that venues are open and experience local favorite restaurants.

4. Budget Better: Set your own budget and get the best possible trip that fits. An experience for everyone!

5. Customize Everything: Drag & drop any activity from one day to another or use the vast library to select the best options for everything - flights, hotels, restaurants & activities.

6. Collaborate with Others: Build a dream vacation with travel companions anytime, anywhere and on any device with SmartNomad. Better together!

7. Trust your Plans: SmartNomad's trip information is provided by trusted sources like Google, Foursquare etc., and bookings are powered by reputed brands like Priceline, Avis, etc.

8. Book everything with just one click: Sorry, sunscreen not included!

9. Have a Travel Assistant that Never Sleeps: Keep track of reservations, e-tickets, get notifications, weather updates and alerts on any trip changes!

👉 Please check us and tell us what you like and what we could do better:

Web: www.smartnomad.com
AppStore: apps.apple.com/in/app/smartnomad-plan-book-trips/id1510967577

Got feedback? hello@smartnomad.com

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Co-Founder & CPO, SmartNomad

Hello all and wish everyone a very happy new year!

After being in stealth mode for 2+ years, me and my co-founders are excited to share the launch of SmartNomad with you.

The story of SmartNomad, like many startups, is deeply personal. We were technologists and entrepreneurs based in the US, who love to travel. Over the years, we realized that while travel is an amazing experience, a lot of things around the orchestration of travel is not. It takes hours of research and stress to create a personalized itinerary plan. Booking is fragmented and happens over multiple platforms. And when you travel, things inevitable go wrong and causes additional scrambling and anxiety.

So, we decided to build SmartNomad which connects planning, booking and during trip services on a single platform. We got done building it during 2020, which was absolutely the worst possible timing ever :) . So, we decided to keep building and are now ready to share with the world.

Please check us out, tell us what you like and what we could do better:

At the moment, the origin has to be US city.
We would soon expand to support travelers from other part of the world.

Amlan Nanda
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

2 years ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Amlan, thanks for sharing SmartNomad with the Travel Massive community, and congrats on what you've created — it's very impressive! I tried some sample searches (I'm in Australia, so tried a US origin) and the display of the suggested itinerary in the calendar format looks great. Well done.

A few bits of feedback:

1. I think SmartNomad is really helpful is suggesting activities in a city — so what if I'm already there and have my flights and accomodation booked? Can I use the app without searching flights and accommodation?

2. The paradox I think you'll encounter is that people who enjoy itinerary planning also LOVE all aspects of booking and aren't afraid to put a trip together across multiple booking channels. So while you're solving a pain-point of a certain kind of traveler (who dislikes research & planning), you're also building your product around the opposite kind of person (who loves planning). At some point, you will probably have to decide to focus on one customer or the other.

3. What data have you trained your AI on? I assume if you're a new startup, you might not have much customer data/feedback to go by. So on what basis should I trust your AI? :-)

Hope this feedback is helpful!

2 years ago (edited)
Co-Founder & CPO, SmartNomad

Ian, thank you so much for checking out the product and the insightful feedback. Appreciate it. :)

1. On the home page, user can unselect flight, hotel and car if they have them already booked elsewhere and they will be skipped from search. We are building an 'Explore Locally' feature that will make it even more easier for travelers to create a plan while they were in their destinations already.

2. SmartNomad is a playground or starting point for planning and booking. For folks who dislike the research and planning, the benefit is straightforward. For many of those who do like to do their own research, it will still serve as a starting point to then further review options, edit, share with friends and customize it as much as they want. Of course, some folks love do their research from scratch and that's ok because the market is huge :)

3. We have collected a lot of data from online sources (websites, blogs, forums) as well as offline sources (network of local guides etc. giving us information like best time to visit a place etc.). We create customer personas based on what travelers tell us they like in terms of preferences, budget, intensity of travel and then our algorithms create the magic. As you rightly said, trust is a very important element. We are trying to tackle it in couple of ways . One by being completely transparent about why we selected a particular thing for a traveler and by showcasing the 'next best' options, so users can compare and contrast. Second, by bringing in third party stamp of approval- Google, Priceline and Yelp ratings & reviews, or whether they were also recommended by trusted sources like National Geographic, Lonely Planet etc. We are getting started, so as users interact with the product more it will continue to learn and get smarter. :)

Cheers and thank you again for the feedback!

2 years ago
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi

I tried the app today and it would allow me to select to advance to the next page on the flights price. I chose Chicago to Cape Town. Any hints on what I'm doing wrong! Cool app though! Congrats team!

2 years ago
Co-Founder & CPO, SmartNomad

Hi Sally! Thanks for checking us out, so glad you liked it. Can you please elaborate on where you got stuck? Were you able to generate an itinerary and did the itinerary have a flight in it? If so, on the itinerary page, you can tap on flight to review details or change to an alternate option. Hitting on the 'cart' button on itinerary page should take you to the booking page, where you can see everything - flight, hotel, activities - that's ready to be booked.

2 years ago (edited)
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi

Yes, it was on the app page of asking if I wanted economy or business class - it would not allow me to press next, but I went through the web version and it looks like the one adult you have to enter your specific age but I didn't see that on the app, just said for 1 traveler. :) You can email me directly at sally@navi-savi.com and I'm happy to do user testing! I know it was so hard when I first launched NaviSavi as well!! Always happy to help out a fellow entrepreneur! :)

2 years ago
Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Love this idea and your website looks great. I just tried a mock search and entered flights from NY to London, but it deosn't let me go any further once I try and hit the economy button.
Great to see this though - exciting.

2 years ago
Co-Founder & CPO, SmartNomad

Hi Susannah. Thank you for the kind words and giving it a shot! Did you hit the 'Plan' button after selecting the age/economy/business and entering other info? It should take you to next screen or highlight any missing info.

2 years ago
Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Sorry! That's me being silly. I've got it now :) Thank you. I'll pop back on and take a look.

2 years ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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