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Roadtrip from Gothenburg to Norway?

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Hi friends! My husband and I are visiting Sweden and want to drive from Gothenburg Sweden to Oslo Norway; any tips for our route where to stay what to eat what to see? Thank you so much!

11 months ago (edited)
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Hej Maria!

I highly recommend the following:

Stop for Mussels at Musselbaren in Ljungskile / Lyckorna -

Go on an oyster safari in Grebbestad -

Stay at TanumStrand in Grebbestad -

Visit Fjällbacka -

Stop or stay in Smögen for great views, some Boardwalk shopping and seafood lunch -

11 months ago (edited)
Luxury Travel Designer, Lux Quest

Wow! That is amazing tack så mycket Lola!! My husband just said Smögen is a very popular place, how cool! I am screenshotting all of your insights thank you so much, his grandmother has a small college in Lyckorna but did not know about Musselbaren! How cool I can't wait and we will definitely check this out and let you know how our travels went! Thank you again !!

10 months ago