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National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative
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February 2021
Washington-based non profit organization for Blacks in travel and tourism

BTT is powered by the Cultural Heritage Economic Alliance, Inc. (CHEA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit tourism development organization based in Washington, DC. BTT works to create new game changing initiatives and to partner with industry allies to ensure Blacks in travel and tourism have equal access to opportunities to fully participate and profit in the global travel and tourism industry.

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8 months ago
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Founder, National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative

Thank you Travel Massive for this amazing platform that allows BTT to amplify our work to a global travel and tourism network. BTT works to advance Blacks in travel and tourism and to level the playing field for Black businesses to actively participate and profit in their local tourism ecosystems. Also, BTT works to help our industry build back better through providing resources, tools and consulting services that broaden diversity, equity and inclusion in destinations, travel brands, media and associations. Join our efforts!

1 month ago
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