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MOGU Platform Engage with your clients before, during and after the trip

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We're on a mission to help travel agencies succeed.

MOGU is an integrated mobile app and desktop solution that provides travel agencies optimal real-time communications with their clients through all stages of the trip.

MOGU was created by tour guides, travel agents and experts in the technological data and marketing field.

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Hello everyone! I am Sara, one of the co-founders of MOGU. Happy to be on this platform and connect with other members and travel tech startups.

We basically help travel agencies impress their clients. Our solution not only allows them to sell faster and better but also to communicate much more efficiently!

MOGU is a wonderful tool for Tour Operators, DMCs, Travel agencies, and Destination Marketing Organizations!

And it works for many different uses: groups, MICE, students trips, all-inclusive trips, honey moons, packages, etc.

Sign up and try it free! Here is the link to our website: www.moguplatform.com

2 years ago

This tools seems pretty cool. I have been working as a tour guide and I am now offering services a travel advisors so it is exactly was I was looking for.

2 years ago
Travel agent

Congrats! I will share mogu with my coworkers, I am sure it will save us a lot of time.

2 years ago (edited)

Interesting! Do you offer a free trial?

2 years ago

Hello Silvia! We currently offer a free plan from where you can try the platform! Sign up here: app.moguplatform.com/register. We are working on the free trials for the paid plans :)

2 years ago (edited)

Como guía turística con larga experiencia, creo que la aplicación facilita la operativa y nos permite concentrarnos en la esencia de nuestra profesión. La he probado y estoy deseando usarla con muchos grupos. Gracias.

2 years ago

Tanto desde el punto de vista de guía como de tour operador, es la herramienta del futuro para los viajes en grupo y MICE. Gracias MOGU!

2 years ago

Where can I find the pricing? Thanxs

2 years ago

Ayuda Maravillosa para viajar

2 years ago

Great tool to travel!

2 years ago

Enhorabuena! Estoy segura de que MOGU se convertirá en la App imprescindible para viajar tanto en el presente como en el futuro. Lo tiene todo y es fácil de utilizar. Hablo profesional y personalmente. Es genial!!

2 years ago
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MOGU Platform

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MOGU Platform was posted by Sara Hernández in App , Travel Tech , Startup . Updated on Dec 21, 2021 (2 years ago). MOGU Platform is rated 4.9/5 ★ by 15 members.