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How about a weekly standup to see what is everyone up to?
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9 days ago

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Founder, oQQur

Hope it does not fall into self-promotion, but I am happy to host a weekly standup for everyone in the community to share what are they plans for the week, and if somewhere the community might help.

Here is a proposed format:
1) Name of CO
2) 1 line description
3) Goal o the week (free form 1-3 most important things to accomplish)
4) Ask to the community.

I can start the first thread on Monday.


20 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Alex, that’s an interesting idea!

For those not familiar, could you explain what a “weekly standup” is?

Also, what kinds of members (eg founders, startups, entrepreneurs?) would benefit?

Last, I’m not sure how the discussion threading will stack up here (maybe we re-use the same post and delete the comments each week), but there’s only one way to find out!

20 days ago
Founder, oQQur

Thanks for the apprival Ian!
Yes, so generally a standup helps cross-functional teams works better and tap into the experience and knowledge of each individual team member. For example I'm designer and face a UX problem, so I share it with the whole team and event someone in engineering might give opinion, help or point to right direction.
It also gives a birds-eye view of what is everyone up to in clear, concise and structured ways. Also very good to keep track of things and helps to stop procrastinating.

I think being strict on format is important, but we can vote and suggest changes to it, vs everyone just writing how they like.

16 days ago
Founder, oQQur

as of threads, I think I will just repost weekly, everyone put themselves into comments as a new comment(poster), and those(viewers) willing to engage with a particular co/person can respond under that particular comment.

16 days ago
Founder, Yugen Earthside

Down to try :)

20 days ago

I think this is a brilliant idea. I would even recommend that, as a group, each week focussing on communicating and commenting on each other's social media business accounts and having dialogue via those platforms to boost engagement and exposure

18 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive
9 days ago (edited)
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