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Hannah on Horizon A blog inspiring you to live, travel, and dream within your limits and lifestyle

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Hannah on Horizon is a travel + lifestyle blog aiming to help people plan their travel dreams despite what their limitations may be. Whether it be because of illness, financial issues, limited time off from work, etc.

I am a 30-something living with lupus and work full-time as a graphic designer. So while I can't book a trip on a whim, I can hope to inspire you to travel and live your best life no matter what you have going on. I do this through my travel guides and itineraries, and packing lists that anyone can use, but are made with "spoonies" in mind.

Learn more over at www.hannahonhorizon.com

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Hi! I am Hannah, the face of Hannah on Horizon. I am a travel blogger and an in-house graphic designer (although sometimes I wish and hope I can do this blogging thing full-time one day).

I share travel guides from California and beyond, practical tips that almost everyone can use but especially for those with limited time off, chronic illness, etc. and can't book a trip on a whim. You might notice that most of my guides are about 4–5 days long, and that's because with the limited PTO I have, I try to squeeze everything I can during a trip within that amount of time.

I also love a bit of luxury but don't love the prices. The hotels I stay at and review are more of the "mid-range" or "affordable luxury", so about 3-4 star hotels. You won't see hostels (unless if it's a private one with a private bathroom), but you won't see Ritz Carlton either (unless if I hit the jackpot one day).

It's so nice to meet you all!

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Hi Hannah, thanks for sharing your blog and welcome to the community!

What social channels are you most focused on, out of Insta, Twitter, and Tiktok?

PS: I'd make the font bigger on your website top nav, I almost missed it!

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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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