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Film Tourismus
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November 2021
Famous and obscure film locations around the world

🎬 Have you ever wondered where a scene from a famous movie was filmed?

"Film Tourismus" is a fantastic Instagram account that re-enacts famous film locations around the world, showing a picture of a film scene on the backdrop of it's setting.

The blog (in German, but easily translated) features a database of hundreds of films and destinations, so you can find the location of your favourite movie scene.

The project is created by Andrea David, a "Blogger, Artist & Popculturist" based in Hamburg. Andrea has been documenting movie locations since 2004!

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21 days ago
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Content & Community, Travel Massive

I stumbled across this Instagram account while scrolling my feed. I think it's a great idea, and it's really cool to see the real places behind some of our favourite movies 🎬

20 days ago
Founder/GM, Fans of Vancouver Tours

Filmturismus is one of the best accounts on Instagram. It has amazing content and very precise documentation of the filming locations. It is awesome. One of my favorite sources of information about filming locations around the world.

19 days ago
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