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Explorabout Off the well-trodden path adventures in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida

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From mountains to coast, we’ve searched the highways and byways of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida to bring you the best tours and activities off the well-trodden path. And we’ve made them all bookable right here. So, wherever you drop your pin on the map, you can easily find—and book—adventure near you at www.explorabout.com

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Founder / CEO, Explorabout

Hello! I’m thrilled to be here and introduce myself and Explorabout. The concept began in North Carolina, where I wanted to share the many unique activities that we discovered. People may know about the majestic waterfalls, hikes and trails, but we were amazed to learn of the many hands-on craft experiences. We discovered activities that were fitting for my age group, my mother’s peers, and younger guests. There truly is something for everyone along the entire east coast. After all, exploring is what life is all about. It is my goal to be the voice of the dedicated tour operators and be the bridge for consumers to share their passion of the local area. Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll join us as we discover, learn and grow.

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Karen, thanks for sharing Explorabout with the Travel Massive community! I really like that your marketplace is focused on a specific part of the US and it's a great looking platform. I couldn't seem to find a search box - perhaps that would be helpful addition for people with a particular activity in mind?

2 years ago
Founder / CEO, Explorabout

Hi Ian, we went live two months ago and still adding more product and features. A landing page to onboard more suppliers, a search feature, and a comprehensive consumer marketing plan are all underway! Thank you for your suggestion, our next growth spurt is soon to follow!

2 years ago (edited)
Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog

Hi Karen,
Really impressed with how quickly you've put up such a robust site. Interesting to me since I was born and raised in Gainesville, FL and studied at UF (go Gators!) and have now lived in Georgia for 9 years. Hilton Head has become our new favorite destination, but we'll be going to Jekyll Island Oct 2 weekend with my two kids. Any recommendations? If not, let me know if you want me to scope it out and submit some suggestions for you :-)
Amritha Joseph

2 years ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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