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Adventure Clues Aims to Help Tourism Businesses Bring Back Customers Interview with founder Sam Baldwin

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Adventure Clues is a fun, city discovery game helping travel brands create cryptic adventures to attract travelers.

Sam Baldwin, the founder of Adventure Clues, is offering travel businesses the opportunity to partner and gamify their experiences. Rebound from the pandemic by bringing back customers through the power of technology.

Learn more about Adventure Clues and its story.

How did you get into the travel industry?

It started when I first moved to Australia from the UK a few years ago. To get to know more about Sydney and the place I was to call home, I joined a walking tour in the historic city area. Although interesting, we spent too much time in the same spots with not enough time discovering. I quickly learned that there must be a better away of exploring cities.

As I have always been interested in creating new online products, I quickly went away and started working on a more modern version of the traditional β€˜walking tour’. So I created Adventure Clues.

Adventure Clues (www.adventureclues.com) at its core is a clever web application, customers simply place their order online, and with no downloads required you can start the adventure. Answer clues, learn backstories, and discover the hidden gems all on your own schedule. There’s even points scoring and leaderboards for that competitive nature that customers love.

How are you helping travel businesses?

Now, for the first time, Adventure Clues has opened up the trail building software so that companies and individuals can easily create their own adventure unique to their business.

Adventures are played in small teams of 2-4 people so it’s COVID-19 friendly. Companies can then sell these adventures on their own websites to their own customers to generate income. Adventure Clues will also list the adventure on the marketplace for maximum exposure.

The trail builder allows you to create customizable clues, add in rest breaks, track the stats, and even have your own company logo throughout the web app.

Imagine for example you have a tour company and you need guides to operate this.

Why not create additional adventures without the need for guides, and have your business run on autopilot all whilst attracting new customers?

What is unique about Adventure Clues?

The flexibility of making different types of adventures is what makes this concept so unique. There are so many interesting themes and locations it can be applied to. For example, a scavenger hunt around a museum, self-guided cryptic bike rides, cuisine and culture inspired adventures, virtual online discovery games, team building events for companies – the choice really is up to you.

How is Adventure Clues changing the future of travel?

As we know the world has changed and so has the travel industry. Travel companies need to adapt and re-invent now to the new travel habits and industry that is already upon us.

Domestic travel is set to boom and Adventure Clues really caters to that. In fact, many of our existing customers consist of locals looking for a fun activity to explore a secret part of their own city. Whether it’s enjoying time spent with family or friends, a date night, or just solo travelers seeing the city from a new perspective. All of the self-guided tours are of course sustainable and great for our cities.

How can travel businesses get involved?

If you are a travel company and interested in bringing this concept to your business, city, or even country we would love to chat. We are most interested in passionate entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies who have the drive to make real positive changes in the travel industry. Make sure to get your business ahead in 2021 and beyond, and gain an edge over the competition.

Learn more about Adventure Clues and apply now (www.adventureclues.com/build-adventure/) – turn your attraction into a fun gamified experience.

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