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Dinesurf Discover dining experiences across Africa

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Dinesurf makes it easier for foodies to discover the best dining experiences and make reservations at restaurants in cities across Africa — we're currently available in Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

🤳 Our latest feature, Dinelist, allows users to create personalised restaurant lists to share with friends and family.

Dinesurf was founded by brothers Martins and Joshua Udotai, both of whom have a long family history in the restaurant industry. Learn more about our story at dinesurf.com/about/

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Co-Founder, DineSurf

I'm Martins, the founder of Dinesurf.

At Dinesurf, we're dedicated to making it easier for foodies to discover the best dining experiences.

We are excited to launch DineList - the newest feature on Dinesurf that will enhance the way food lovers discover and share restaurants, cafes, and diners. DineList allows users to create curated lists of their favorite dining spots, rate and review restaurants, and share their recommendations with others.

With DineList, you can easily organize your dining experiences and keep track of your favorite restaurants. This feature is perfect for foodies, local residents, and travelers looking for personalized, memorable dining experiences.

With the addition of DineList, we take this experience to the next level, providing users with personalized, curated lists for their own dining journeys.

DineList offers a one-stop solution for food enthusiasts looking to create curated lists of their favorite restaurants, cafes and diners across different regions. Users can easily organize their lists, link to individual restaurant profiles, and share their recommendations with friends and family.

Key Features:

- Link directly to restaurant profiles on Dinesurf.
- User-friendly interface that makes it easy to search for and add restaurants to lists.
- Intuitive list organization and sharing features.
- Ability to read review summaries and Highlights

Target User Personas:

DineList appeals to a wide range of users, including:

- Foodies looking for new and exciting dining experiences.
- Travelers seeking local dining recommendations.
- Local residents looking to explore new restaurants in their are

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This is or will be the number 1 app for foodies like me 😍👏🏿

7 months ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

Looks good. Pretty sure the travel massive community in Lagos will find this useful. Looking forward to having you at our next hangout!

7 months ago
Co-Founder, DineSurf

Thanks Sam. Looking forward to being there

7 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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