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DayAway Unlock access to exclusive experiences and luxury discounts across Singapore

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DayAway is the one-of-a-kind membership that unlocks exclusive experiences and privileges from the top luxury hotels, restaurants and private clubs in Singapore.

Our membership program provides access to benefits and discounts across multiple brands from the moment you join. No need to achieve different levels of loyalty β€œstatus” before redeeming exciting discounts, invitations to events or special deals β€” on DayAway, you can access these privileges straight away!

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Founder and CEO, DayAway

Hi everyone! I'm Martha and I'm the founder of DayAway. I'm so glad to be part of the Travel Massive community, and excited to share more about the DayAway Membership with all of you!

We launched DayAway in 2020 as a platform for booking pool, spa, wellness and dining experiences at luxury hotels during the pandemic here in Singapore. It seemed an obvious supply and demand opportunity to us - hotels had an abundance of space (and no guests), and locals like me were longing for something to do and somewhere to go. But until then, hotels had only been focused on selling rooms ("heads in beds", as they say), and monetizing other areas of the hotel was less of a priority. And then...well...Covid. They wanted to find other ways to bring people into the hotel, but didn't have the systems to sell very much other than rooms. So when I started calling hotels asking if I could book a room just for the day, or some kind of pool and spa package - something I was desperate to do just to get out of the house - the answer was always, "we wish we could, and that's actually a great idea, but we don't have a system for that." And from a very personal need to find a little mini-escape for myself, DayAway was born!

We built a software hotels could use to package and sell these daytime experiences at their property, and a centralized marketplace where our community could discover and book a luxurious experience to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Whether it was a restful pool & spa day at one of Singapore's most notable hotels, or a unique culinary adventure at a Michelin Star restaurant, DayAway's goal has always been to curate the perfect experience for every occasion.

Fast forward to today, and our goal remains unchanged - to provide our community (both locals and inbound travelers alike) with access to the finest experiences that Singapore has to offer. But a few things have changed! Our DayAway Memberships now allow us to offer even more exclusive experiences and privileges to our members - including discounts at high-end restaurants and boutiques, and invitations to VIP events at private members clubs. And we always want to hear from our community about what privileges they want to receive next!

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about us over at mydayaway.com

So please reach out if you have ideas, or if you want to learn more about DayAway. We'd love to hear from you!

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Content Creator, Digital Marketer, SEO Coach, Bel Around The World

Hi Martha, great concept and nice to connect with you! I'm Isabel, nomad travel content creator at Bel Around The World from Singapore. I've been in the travel field promoting great travel ideas and destinations for 10 years now and this seems like a really innovative concept! I'd love to hear more, and perhaps synergize together. I'm in Singapore this February. Let me know if you'd like to connect!

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Founder and CEO, DayAway

Hi Isabel! Thanks for reaching out! Please send us an email at concierge@mydayaway.com so we can explore further :) Looking forward to connecting!

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