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Buy That Hotel Public listings of small hotels for sale in Portugal

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Buying a small hotel in Portugal one day is a dream of many people — but finding deals is quite challenging.

Buy That Hotel is a niche marketplace where we:

🔍 Track public listings on real estate websites
🕵‍♂️ Do the detective work of finding Airbnb/Booking profiles
✨ Enrich data with AI (e.g. sentiment of public reviews)
👀 Curate each listing manually

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CEO, Surf Office

Hey, this idea has been sitting in my head for a long time—so much room for disruption.

The first version is very simple—we track hotels for sales on Portuguese listing sites, then curate them and enrich the data.

Try it out over at BuyThatHotel.com

Wanted to thank everyone who provided feedback and shared it with friends 🙏

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Founder, Travel Massive

Cool idea, and nicely executed!

A few sugestions:

1. On the /analyze page "Is this a good deal?" — would you offer a free sample report in return for signing up to the newsletter? Or if the reviews are video based (like the example on the homepage) then put that video on this page too.

2. Weather (e.g. weatherspark.com) would be nice, especially for international buyers.

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Weather Spark

3. Some articles about the process to a) buy property in Portugal and b) run a business like a hotel. For example, what steps are required, how the formalities work, etc. This could be good SEO too.

Who is your target audience for this website? Hope it takes off, and good luck!

1 month ago (edited)
CEO, Surf Office

Thank you for the suggestions, really appreciate it!

1. I created this "Analyze page" just a few days ago to see the interest, a lot of room for improvement! All good points you mentioned.

2. Amazing idea, will add it.

3. Yes, but not yet decided how to approach it - if as public blog posts or gated content. There is not such content online, so it has a lot of value.

Target audience are people who are dreaming to buy a small hospitality business. On other side are hotel owners and agents who are looking for more efficient ways to reach potential buyers.

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Growth Marketing Lead, Airbnb


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