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BookingRadar A marketplace for single-day and multi-day tours around the world

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BookingRadar is a marketplace for single-day and multi-day tours, from a network of 600 suppliers around the world.

We take pride in curating the highest-quality offers and prioritizing direct connections with suppliers rather than relying on resellers. Every booking you make through BookingRadar is authentic, reliable, and backed by real reviews.

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Owner, bookingradar.com

Hi, Travel Massive community!

I'm the founder of BookingRadar.com, a platform designed to bridge the gap between passionate tour operators and adventurous travelers.

We're more than just an internet-based startup; we're a tourism-based business (we worked as a tour operator for 15 years prior) providing expert insights and recommendations to enhance our customers' travel experiences.

👉 Showcase your tours on BookingRadar

At BookingRadar, we invite tour operators from around the globe to join our platform. Our mission is to connect your tours with a vast audience of travelers, from solo adventurers to families seeking new experiences.

We prioritize direct connections with our suppliers, ensuring that our customers have access to authentic and high-quality experiences. While we do collaborate with some third-party providers, our focus remains on fostering direct relationships with our suppliers. We offer full connectivity options via Bokun, Rezdy, and other integrations are on the way. Any supplier can manually upload the tours and control availability or connect via API by Bokun or Rezdy.

I'm excited to share insights, collaborate, and learn from this vibrant community. I am looking forward to your thoughts and partnerships!

5 months ago (edited)

We need to know the fee or commission structure to consider this platform.

5 months ago
Owner, bookingradar.com

Our commission structure is straightforward. We charge a 20% fee for multi-day tours and 25% for day tours. Payment is automated and sent to your bank account through our integration with Wise.

5 months ago
Founder, CEO, Helipass.com

Hello Artium, good to know. We can share. I have Helipass the booking platform for helicopters. Let's connect.

5 months ago
Owner, bookingradar.com

Hey Frederic, let's schedule a meeting to learn more about your product and explore integration possibilities.

5 months ago
Travel Consultant, Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

Great!! useful App for travellers to book adventures abroad like Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, Tanzania safari or diving in Zanzibar

5 months ago
Travel Conversion Copywriter & Consultant

Artium, is this platform still under construction?

I went to check it out and I can't book anything on the consumer interface. I checked a number of destinations and there are no tours or activities. The destination that did show tours, Australia, never displayed anything for Australia. It gave me a yoga session in Jaipur.

5 months ago (edited)
Owner, bookingradar.com

Dear Kammy,
We're currently enhancing BookingRadar, focusing on expanding our destinations and refining our booking options.
Some features may be temporarily unavailable as we work on these improvements. We appreciate your patience and look forward to offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience soon.

5 months ago
Tour Guide, Winsome Africa Holidays

Thank you. Is this available for African Destinations yet ?

3 months ago (edited)
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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