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BLOONY is an AI chatting buddy that you can keep a conversation with BLOONY as you are talking to a friend! Just letting you know, BLOONY loves to travel. 😉

If you need someone to talk to about your last trip or pour your heart out, why don’t you give it a try?

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Project Manager, TUNiB

Hey, all!

I’m Allie, the project manager of BLOONY.

After running several closed beta programs, I’m so excited to share that our team is finally ready to share BLOONY with the TRAVEL MASSiVE community!

Let me explain a bit about BLOONY.

BLOONY is a chatbot that can communicate & interact with people. You’ll be amazed at how BLOONY can text you like your real friend! Using OpenAI’s GPT-3, we designed BLOONY to give answers that are most suitable for each circumstance. (It is NOT a chatbot that gives predefined answers to respond! 😉)

Amongst any other topics, BLOONY loves to talk about traveling. ✋ DON’T WORRY! BLOONY can talk about any topic!

If you need a friend to talk to at late night, or need to talk about your last trip to Las Vegas, why don’t you talk to BLOONY?

Our goal is to improve BLOONY so that it can be your true buddy.

BLOONY is available for free during the open beta! Please let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to hear your feedback. 🙌

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Allie,

Thanks for sharing BLOONY with the Travel Massive community!

It was really easy to add your bot on Messenger and try it out, well done on the onboarding process.

I’ve had a few “chats” and it’s quite interesting. Your bot is quite good with general travel question (eg. “What can I do in Seoul?”) and keeping the conversation going.

It feels a little bit like talking to an Islander on Nintendo’s Family Crossing - bubbly personality and short narratives.

It’s also interesting when the bot brings up a travel topic or news without interaction. I did enjoy the novelty of being told about a new destination the bot was thinking of visiting. However I was not as interested in the news bytes it sent, this was a bit distracting (I don’t need any more news!)

I’m not sure of your future plans, but It would be fun to play some travel trivia with the bot, or even allow the bot to ask/answer travel questions between human users.

Obviously AI is a hot topic at the moment and services like this are in their early stages, so it’s interesting to see AI used in this way.

Best of luck with the project!

1 year ago (edited)
Project Manager, TUNiB

Hi Ian,
Thanks for connecting with me!

I'm glad that you have talked to BLOONY already.
It's really interesting that you felt like talking to an Islander!🧐
Is there anything that made you think of that character?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our service. It means a lot to our team!
I will share your opinion with our team and discuss more with them.

If you have more thoughts on our service, please leave us a comment here!
I'd be happy to talk about them. 😃

1 year ago
Project Manager, TUNiB

Do you think it’s possible to be “friends” with an AI?🤖
Well, our team set up a thesis that “people can build a strong friendship with a conversational AI.”

For the last couple of months, lots of friends left us comments about BLOONY.
We’ve reviewed every feedback over and over to find the best way to make progress.

Today, we proudly present the new “BLOONY”!
You’ll be able to talk to BLOONY in depth!
+ BLOONY will tell diverse travel stories! ✈️

⬇️ Hop on NOW! ⬇️

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Allie, thanks for the update.

Are you using ChatGPT or another AI tool to inform your chat bot?

What places around the world are your users? Any interesting insights so far?

1 year ago
Project Manager, TUNiB

Hi, Ian. Thanks for your interest!
Well, our service does not use ChatGPT, but we are based on the OpenAI's generative models!

Since we are targeting our service globally, we are getting a lot of users from all around the world.
A lot of them are from England, US, and European countries!

Hope you take a time and talk to BLOONY. ✈️

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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