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Lauren Cirkot
⭐️ Community Leader • Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Travel Writer, Always Find Adventure

Hey everyone! I'm Lauren your Valencia Chapter Leader!

I'm a wanderlust victim that wants to convince everyone to travel.

My mission is to help people find more adventure in their life through travel, career, and lifestyle choices.

I quit my corporate job in Digital Marketing in March 2019 and now own a marketing consulting business, which encompasses social media consulting and travel planning.

I thrive among like-minded individuals, which is why I decided to be apart of this community. Valencia, in my opinion, is the hidden gem in Spain and I want more people to know about it.

Hablo español tambien, pero no soy un experto. Estoy aprendiendo cada día.

Je comprends aussi le française.


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Joined May 2018

Valencia, Spain and New Haven, CT

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I have a travel blog and I'm looking to network, as well as enhance tourism here in Valencia