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Ksenia Klimova

Born in Russia, I've been living for 6 years in Tuscany, Italy. Here I worked in hotels in Florence for more than 3 years, while I was getting my master. Graduated just during the lockdown, I was about to start an internship in Toscana Promozione which is on hold now. So I am open to new opportunities and available for temporary collaboration.

I am passionate about sustainability practice and innovation for tourism and destinations. At the moment I collaborate with the Sardinia destination manager as a project assistant and develop my own project on best innovative and sustainable practices -The AfterTravel. The aim is to promote the role of communication, creativity and innovative approach to improve sustainability of destinations and business.

My another passion & skill is communication, especially strategy and visuals.

My other work experience counts 2 happy years of Project Management and Promotion of international volunteer workcamps from Russia, experiences in copywriting, graphic design and communication for public and private companies.

I am currently a mentee in the mentorship program of European Cities Marketing.