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Aabiskar Thapa
Founder & Managing Director, Explore Evenmore Tour & Travels

I am a resident of beautiful Pandeli village which lies about 6.5 km west of Pokhara City (Tourism Capital of Nepal). After my MBA Graduation from London, I came back to Pokhara and started a Local Tour operator company (Partner company of Import Promotion Desk Germany since 2018) which offers various tours which are a combination of Community Homestay experience of ethnic communities of Nepal with the chance to Learn Nepali culture, lifestyle, and taste of Himalayan Adventure.
The Covid pandemic has hit hard for every part of our business so during this hard time, I am also voluntarily associated with a non-profit organization called 'Sharing Seeds' which helps to promote sustainable tourism around Pandeli village of Pokhara by supporting various community projects related empowerment of local women’s groups, Production of organic coffee, Helping Bee Farmer's by introducing modern tips and techniques to improve their production and uplift their life economically.

Traveling and learning the local lifestyle is my passion, that’s why I want to share the deep insight lifestyle of Nepali people in a more local & authentic way from this great Himalayan nation which has many colors and aromas.