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Where to find internships in Cape Town?

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Key Account Manager, Mlt car hire and tours

Where can one search for internship opportunities?

3 months ago (edited)
Founder, Wishing for Africa

Good question, interested to know too.

3 months ago
Director, I Am Cape Town

Hi Ntosh, this would be a good space and place to start creating a list and or way to have access to details about businesses within the Travel Massive Cape Town community to share whether they are taking interns etc.

I actually had a request from CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) for intern placements.

We also share this with the students that have tourism as a subject on senior school level in our panel discussions.

So I would like to request Cape Town & Western Cape members to send me details of whether they are doing intern placements and how we can collaborate on this. If you do not have my email address send me a DM on here.

3 months ago

I'm a 3rd year student, doing Tourism management at Cput. May I ask is there any company's you know that offers internships?

3 months ago
Tour Guide & Travel Blogger

Found it yet? Looking for internships is such a struggle

2 months ago

Have not found one, it's stressful and definitely a struggle.

2 months ago
YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew

Google is your friend. Here is a list I found for South Africa

3 months ago