Webinar Replay: Responsible Tourism Show & Tell #1
Hear from three responsible tourism experts about their projects

Here’s the replay from our first Responsible Tourism Show & Tell webinar on Travel Massive LIVE, where we invited three responsible tourism experts to tell us more about their projects and how they’re making a positive change in the industry.

Learn more about the featured projects:

* The Green Microphone Award (www.green-microphone.info/green-microphone-award) – an international award that recognizes the effort and importance of the role that tourist guides play in accelerating sustainable development and responsible tourism.

* Impact Travel Alliance (www.impacttravelalliance.org) – a nonprofit and community aimed at teaching travelers how to spend their money mindfully so that they have a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

* Wildlife Friendly™ (wildlifefriendly.org) – tourism initiatives that are first-of-their-kind programs to promote species conservation through the tourism sector.

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2 years ago
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