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Webinar Replay – Awesome Travel Stories: Cycling from Berlin to Nordkapp
Hear from cycling enthusiast Lukas Sentner

Here’s the replay of our webinar Awesome Travel Stories: Cycling from Berlin to Nordkapp with cycling enthusiast Lukas Sentner.

Lukas Sentner cycled more than 10,000 km in the last two yeas. He collaborated actively with UNICEF in a campaign called “Dreams are borderless”. In this webinar, he shares more about his journey from Berlin to the northernmost point of Europe – Nordkapp. Lukas is a member of Berlin Travel Massive.

Here are some links and projects mentioned during the webinar:

* Biking Boudlessly ( – Lukas’ website where he shares more stories from his journeys.

* Lukas and UNICEF’s campaign “Dreams are borderless” on Youtube – () and ()

* Tour de Rebel ( – cycling from Hamburg to UN Climate Conference #COP26 to Glasgow to spread awareness about Extinction Rebellion and the climate crisis. Starting October 31.

* Maarten Heilbron shared a video from his cycling trip across France along the Canal des Deux Mers, along the Canal Lateral and Canal du Midi – check it out on Youtube ().

* Daniel Heitz is starting a community for co-cycling – Nomad On Bike ( He’s also sharing his cycling adventures on his Youtube channel (

— Thank you Lukas for sharing your story and inspiring us to travel more responsibly!

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2 months ago

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