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Van Gogh in America One of the largest Van Gogh exhibitions this century

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The Vincent Van Gogh exhibit in Detroit titled “Van Gogh in America” at the Detroit Institute of Arts displays 74 paintings, drawings, and prints by the Dutch Post-Impressionist. It’s one of the largest exhibitions of his work in this century, and unless you travel to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, it’s the only way to see so many Van Goghs in one place. They will be displayed from Oct. 2 until Jan. 22, 2023.
I visited, and you read more about it at www.middlejourney.com

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Writer, Middle Journey

Hi, I'm Rene! I've been traveling around the US and recently to Detroit for this Van Gogh Exhibit. I've followed his work around the world, including France and Holland and this is one of the best exhibits you'll find anywhere. Worth a trip if you like Van Gogh at all.

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Hi Rene, thanks for sharing your article. Hopefully one day the exhibition makes its way down to Australia!

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Loved your piece on Van Gogh in America and am particularly happy that it's at the Detroit Institute of Arts! Great city, with an excellent food scene, fun bars, and cool music venues. Now I definitely want to see one of my favorite artists in a place that I love!

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Van Gogh in America

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