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Travel tips for Scandinavia? Share your recommendations for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

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Creative Director, Global Convoy

I will be heading to Scandinavia in August and I am looking for any tips, tricks, or recommendations along the way. I have been to Norway but not their neighboring countries and I'd love to know more about camping options, budget travel, nature, hikes, and things to see! I am hoping this thread will be useful for other travelers too.

1 year ago
Blogger, Julias Journeyz - a Travel and Minimalism Blog

Hi Becca,
what a nice plan. I have been traveling 7 times to Scandinavia and provide "Most beautiful places in Scandinavia: 25 must-see places!" on my blog. Hope, it helps. Safe travels, Julia


1 year ago
Creative Director, Global Convoy

Thank you for this! I will take a look :)

1 year ago
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

You can't go wrong in the Nordics with camping, nature, hikes especially in August! The weather should still be decent depending on where exactly you plan to travel.

Budget travel is another story here in Finland ha ha. Nomadic Matt and The Broke Backpacker have decent tips. Visit Finland is also a pretty comprehensive site.

1 year ago
Creative Director, Global Convoy

Hey Shelly, yes I think it is going to be difficult to be on a small budget, but I have seen there are lots of things to do that are either free, such as hiking/walking and or some paid-for activities that I think will be worth the investment. Just looking to strike a balance between the two :) I will check out the guys you suggested and see what they say. Thanks again for the tips!

1 year ago
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Becca, if you do plan on Finlandβ€”give me a shout. I can provide more actionable tips.

1 year ago
Hotel & Cruise Blogger, Travel Scandinavia

How about Helsinki and Stockholm on one trip? Both cities are very liveable on August (but not cheap) and there is a direct overnight ferry across the Baltic sea. Basically you'll fly either Stockholm or Helsinki and have a two-night cruise between these cities.

I wrote a blog post years ago about this option.

1 year ago
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