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Taste Hungary A Budapest pop-up wine bar (and more)

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We believe Hungary and Central Europe are undiscovered culinary gems—a culinary paradise which is slowly being (re)discovered. Hungarian food and winemaking have deep traditions, and a complex (and complicated) history. Decades of Communism caused many of these unique food traditions and industries to suffer terribly. But these days Budapest is a hot restaurant city (it even has four Michelin-starred); local food artisans and growers around the country are reviving old traditions; and Hungarian wines are increasingly available around the world. Our ultimate goal is to show guests that there is plenty of good food and wine here. We want to break down the language and cultural barriers that could make people feel uncomfortable. We want our guests to go home feeling like they discovered things they didn’t even know existed, and that it was well worth their while to dig deeply into new flavors, a new country, and meeting new people.

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Tour Company Owner, Taste Hungary

Hello! I am one of the co-owners of Taste Hungary. We are involved in a variety of food and wine-related activities, which all revolve around the education and introduction of Hungarian food and wine. We do food and wine tours in Budapest and Hungary, we do daily wine tastings at our wine cellar in downtown Budapest, we have a wine and cheese shop in Budapest's Palace District, and we import Hungarian wines to the United States (where we have an online shop and wine club). If you are in Budapest, please stop by our shop to say hello (and have a glass of wine)! You can find us at VIII. Bródy Sándor utca 22.

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Head of Product, Travelcoup

Been to the shop twice and absolutely recommend the wine tasting experience there.

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