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Shanghai Travel Massive A travel community in Shanghai

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Shanghai Travel Massive is proud to be one of the first communities of its kind in mainland China.

China travel will shape the future of global tourism, and Shanghai - the pearl of the East - is China's pulse. Boasting more foreign travellers than any other city in the world, and home to many of the travel industries' brightest new stars, Shanghai is a perfect destination for Travel Massive. The bustling metropolis of Shanghai is a growing hub for travel, trade and tourism; bringing together upcoming entrepreneurs, bloggers, tech mavens, media folk, established travel brands and industry enthusiasts. Travel Massive Shanghai aims to bring these influential professionals together for simple, quality networking.

中国旅游将塑造未来全球旅游业,然而上海,这颗东方的明珠,正是中国的脉动!说到比世界其他城市更多的外国旅行者,以及众多旅游行业闪耀新星的摇篮,上海自然是Travel Massive完美的所在地。这个熙攘繁华的大都市是一个日益增长的旅行、贸易和旅游中心;把即将到来的企业家、博主、技术行家、媒体人、已经建立的旅游品牌和行业爱好者聚集于此。Travel Massive上海站致力于将这些有影响力的专业人士汇集,进行简单、高品质的人脉建立。

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