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Satle Guess the city name from satellite images

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πŸ—Ί Satle is a daily geography puzzle game where you have to guess the name of a city based on satellite images.

You have 6 guesses to correctly guess the name of the city pictured. After each incorrect guess, the map zooms out to reveal more of the surrounding city and terrain.

The first guess gives a view of some landmark while the 2nd and 3rd guesses reveal more of the surrounding city. By the 4th and 5th guesses you can see the surrounding country, and by the 6th guess you can see the city’s position in the world.

A new Satle is available each day so you can compete with your friends. The game also keeps track of your statistics so you can try to get the highest score possible.

Those well travelled may easily recognize the notable landmarks pictured in Satle, but those with a good general knowledge of geography will consistently score well.

Players can share their scores for today’s Satle on social media 🀳

Make sure to bookmark Satle so you can return each day for a new geography challenge!

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Satle is my first game and I'm excited for travel and geography lovers to try it out!

Let me know what you think and please share feedback using the feedback option in Satle settings.

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Brendan, thanks for sharing Satle with the Travel Massive community!

I got an earlier game first go (Singapore) but today’s location had me stumped! The good thing about not getting the answer is learning about new places πŸ˜€

How do you select the location for each day? Is it random or have you curated it?

What motivated you to develop the game, and how long did it take to create?

1 year ago (edited)

The locations are chosen for their unique landmarks and notable geography. They are curated and selected according to their cultural and historical interest. They are special places meant to motivate people to discover the world around them, or just refresh a memory of a place you've been.

Some days will be easier than others, but it will also depend on your location and the places you've personally travelled. The answers are spread out all over the world, and are intended to take people somewhere different each day. I've made an effort to represent every part of the world as much as possible.

For me, this is a passion project that I work on in my spare time outside of work, and when I am not getting lost in a forest somewhere. It brings me joy to know that people will have some fun with it.

1 year ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

Fun game!

1 year ago
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Tough, but got there eventually.

πŸ›°Satle #9 6/6

Nice work creating the game :)

1 year ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

Late but I guessed it today πŸ™Œ

πŸ›°Satle #11 6/6

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I got it!

πŸ›°Satle #12 4/6

1 year ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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