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Safe organizations to transport pets?

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Travel Consultant, Sweet Dreamz Travel Agency

Do you know there are organizations that will safely transport dogs and cats? I think many individuals that have to relocate are not aware of services like this. What are your thoughts?

8 months ago
Travel Consultant, Sweet Dreamz Travel Agency

Thanks and I believe that is an area that many need help in since our fur babies don’t always need to stay home while we vacation or we can’t take them with us to a new country that we move too safely.

8 months ago
Lead Travel Designer, Lux Quest Luxury Travel

Gosh I actually don't. When we moved from California to NY we drove and Ive made this ride with my pup twice and he loves it! We stop in national parks along the way and it was an incredible bonding experience and the sites were mind blowing. Alternately, what I did to help myself in the long run was certify my dog as an ESA pet by the NASR and got a note from my DR that I needed him to fly with me for medical reasons of stress & anxiety. I trained my dog so that he would behave properly and dedicated much time & efforts for this. Its so worth it bc he files with me in the cabin now. The cargo situation is unacceptable, puts them under so much stress, the temperatures are terrible, its so loud and they can hear 7x stronger than humans, and many die from the stress of this, its not an option for our furry friends. There is also a website of pet friendly destinations I always loved www.bringfido.com as a good resource. I hope that helps! Whoever build a business on niche travel for pets would be a genius and maybe a millionaire! Hope this helps~Maria

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Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I travel with my dog between the US and Thailand. He is under 10lbs which allowed me to bring him on the cabin on KAL. I have not used a service to transport him.

8 months ago
Travel Consultant, Sweet Dreamz Travel Agency

Thank you. I figured the smaller dogs are easy to travel with mines are larger.

8 months ago

Living in Alberta, Canada - my dog was a bit too big to go in the cabin and had to go in cargo on the plane. I was super nervous but booked with WestJet Canada as they answered all my questions and concerns on the phone. I would recommend going on a shorter flight as animals are normally the last thing they will move onto a plane and that way they are not having to sit in a crate both in the terminal and up in the air. Best of luck!

6 months ago
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