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Photos from Almaty Travel Massive's Mini Conference Showcasing 11 new tourism projects from Kazakhstan

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The Almaty Travel Massive Mini Conference was a two day event hosted by the Almaty Travel Massive community in April 24-25 this year, gathering over 100 participants. The purpose of the event was to showcase new travel products and TravelTech startups in Kazakhstan and to build new connections within the industry.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Hereโ€™s a short summary of the 11 tourism projects that presented โ€” thanks to everyone who participated!

Day One: Tour Experience Day

The first day was focused on Tour Experiences with key topic about new travel products in the experiences, event, show, attraction segment in the domestic and inbound tourism market of Kazakhstan.

Gallery image 5 Svetlana Chvanova, founder of 1hub.kz โ€”ย a co-working network in popular establishments of Almaty.

Six projects and initiatives presented at Tour Experience Day were divided into 2 categories which consist of traditional tour operators with active tour providers and emerging attractions and festivals with expedition:

  1. Altay Golden Festival, pitched by Natalya Borovaya, publisher of Wind of Change magazine and organiser of Birdwatchers community in Kazakhstan.

  2. Drive Forum expeditions festival and gatherings, pitched by Abduali Abdugali board member of Autotourism Association in Kazakhstan.

  3. Hara Hura plastic training classes and production studio of how to reuse plastic as souvenirs (pitched by Yekaterina Dmitriyeva and Anton Afanasyev.

  4. Future of Camping and Caravanning and nomadic types of tourism including recent glamping developments in Kazakhstan, pitched by Bayan Shapagatova, President of Kazakhstan association of camping tourism and caravaning.

  5. Salem Kazakhstan National Dancing Show traditional dressed multi ethno performance transports viewers into the world of Kazakh culture and traditions. Dances that toured the world tell the story of Kazakhstan nation authenticity and living heritage in movements, pitched by Michail Vislin.

  6. Snow Leopard school of mountaineering and Turclub.kz mountain guide training center presented information about their preferred learning management solution and IT tools for young ecotourists training initiative supported by Almaty city council, pitched by Diana Frolova.

Salem Kazakhstan project was chosen as the winning pitch, voting of participants of the event. There were more then 60 visitors at the event. Thanks to the moderator of the first day, Yerkin Tikenov co-leader of Almaty Travel Massive.

Day Two: Travel Tech Day

The topics of the second day were TravelTech startups pitches and a panel discussion about Online travel market development in Kazakhstan.

Gallery image 10 Igor Zabolotskikh is pitching Resortix, a digital ecosystem for resorts and resort areas.

There were five TravelTech startups selected to pitch their products:

  1. AlfredStay mobile app โ€“ your personalized companion for an exceptional hotel experience. With AlfredStay, guests like you can seamlessly order room services, indulge in in-room dining, and even book a rejuvenating spa session, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Keep tabs on your orders effortlessly and stay updated on their status in real-time. Plus, explore rental car options, making your entire stay streamlined and hassle-free, all within one intuitive app. On the other hand, meet Alfred Business โ€“ the ultimate hotel management solution reimagined for the modern era. With Alfred Business, hotel staff can efficiently manage guest tasks with ease, assigning them to the appropriate personnel in a snap. Track the progress of tasks seamlessly, stay informed about room statuses in real-time, and set deadlines effortlessly to ensure smooth operations. Alfred Business empowers hotel management to deliver unparalleled service, elevating the guest experience to new heights. The project pitched by Alikhan Tolembek

  2. Poymay.kz is an electronic platform for fishery subjects and fishermen. Poymay.kz is the first and the only platform in Kazakhstan aimed at digitalization of relations between fishery subjects, fishermen and state bodies, automating the process of selling fishing permits and using the function of mobile notification of poaching. Launch year 2021. App is available in Play Store. The project pitched by Farid Khissamutdinov.

  3. Resortix โ€“ digital ecosystem for resorts and resort areas. Resort service aggregator aimed at improving customer experience, increasing conversion rates, and creating package offers based on existing resort offers. The service provides businesses with such opportunities as a multilingual content service, a comprehensive analytical part, a B2B partnerโ€™s cabinet, gamification of purchases and interactions within the ecosystem. Launched June 1, 2023. The project pitched by Igor Zabolotskikh and Nikita Oleinik.

  4. Citypass Kazakhstan- a single ticket for tourists, pitched by Daniyar Omarov.

  5. Tour aggregator โ€“ local network of tourists for sharing their tour experiences. Where you can see the experience of another tourist. By his visual posts. Choosing what you liked most and book his tour. Driving the entire route of another tourist, visiting the best places from his trip. Project is going to be launched in 2024. The project pitched by Mazhit Berniyazov

Resortix project was chosen as the winning pitch, by vote of event attendees. The meetup location was Almaty Creative - Center for the Development of Creative Industries of Almaty City Council. There was about 40 visitors. Thanks to the moderator of the Travel Tech Day, Almaty co-leader Leonid Pustov.

Credits and thanks:

A big thanks to all the participants who attended, members who presented their projects, mentors, speakers and panelists, and to everyone who supported the event across the two days!

Mentors and speakers:

  • Ainur Turezhanova, Head of the Tourism Development Department, Almaty Tourism Bureau
  • Inna Yuryevna Rey, Chairman, Corporate Fund โ€œTuristik Kamkorโ€
  • Dmitry Tin, Center Smart Tourism
  • Alexey Yanshin, Director of Sabre Travel Network Central Asia
  • Anton Kochergin, CEO of Tickets.kz
  • Oksana Serebrennikova, CEO of International Travel Plus
  • Yana Guryanova, Commercial Director, Moy Agent


Other links:

If you are interested to host an event or have any questions, please, contact leonid@travelmassive.com

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Business Development, Travel Startups

Our Almaty Travel Massive "mini conference" had great interest from participants across the tourism industry in Kazakhstan, who wanted to learn about new projects and network with other members.

Hosting this kind of event demonstrated that tourism projects in Kazakhstan need a regular platform for presenting, receiving expert feedback, sharing experiences, and developing partnerships.

We look forward to the local community in Almaty actively participating in future events!

Please feel free to contact any projects mentioned above directly via their links, or leave a comment here if you need assistance with an introduction :)

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