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OTOLO is unlocking the power of mentoring in Hospitality. It's a platform where you can create worldwide connections with community-learning, mentoring, training, events and insights.

Our mission is to upskill individuals and for teams to get ahead. We support collaboration and champion people who want to stick around and build a stronger hospitality industry during and after the global pandemic.

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Content Manager, Otolo

Hi everyone, I'm Audrey, Content Manager at OTOLO! A month ago, I joined a 15-ish team of bright and talented people and wanted to tell you a little bit more about our vibrant Hospitality community. 🤩

Founded by James Lemon in 2019, our platform is a place where Hospitality professionals can meet and support each other to fuel their knowledge, grow their careers or make decisions at work.

It all started as a mentoring platform, with the idea that connecting really interesting people across the hospitality sector would be a great way to support and inspire people.

At the start of the crisis, there was a real lack of certainty about where to go. People were walking away from Hospitality and even those left behind were struggling to know what to do next. We evolved a lot since and are focusing on individual and group mentoring and coaching.

Last October, we've won a two-year large European Social Fund grant. Being recognized by the government and European Social Fund helps us play a bigger role in building the future of hospitality, to keep on innovating in the way hospitality people learn, the way employers develop their people, and building the reputation of the industry as an amazing career.

Our 3 pillars:

🧡 Community: We have a community that is a space for discussion, collaboration, events and content.
🧡 Connection: We make connections which is a space for mentoring and matching and networking.
🧡 Courses: And then we are developing courses which give people a clear learning journey and accreditation.

How it works:

It's about connecting people and helping them unlock their potential. People log into Otolo, they let us know what they want to learn and achieve, what they can contribute or what they're interested in. They can leave thoughts, make introductions, meet people around the world.

Anyone can mentor, share and guide, but we have a group of around 100 vetted mentors right now, who are committed to their own development, have great experience to share, and understand that mentoring is very two ways. It's geared around active listening and these vetted mentors are subject matter experts - there's a page where people can find them.

Broadening access and inclusivity is key, so our platform at myotolo.com is entirely free to use for individuals while we understand where we can be most useful.

For organisations, we offer paid partnerships - for instance we work with IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Les Roches & Glion, for whom our job is to develop and engage their teams through unique external mentoring. We make introductions to external mentors from outside their own company by using tech behind the scenes to match them with the relevant interesting people, based on their interests, availability, and location.

We'd love to welcome you on our platform - it's free! 👉 rebrand.ly/Join-OTOLO

2 years ago
Head of Travel & Leisure, Stripe

Great to be here - loved Travel Massive since a great event all the way back in 2018 upstairs in a London pub to chat all things innovation & talent! Please join us for free at myotolo.com - let us know if you'd like to help our community as an Ambassador or Mentor, and what else we can be doing to support the travel industry's recovery!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Audrey and James, thanks for sharing Otolo with the Travel Massive community!

Mentorship is such a powerful tool for professional development, but it's also one of the trickiest concepts to implement successfully on a platform (e.g. finding, matching, building the relationship, etc)... so bravo for creating a much needed tool for the hospitality industry.

I'm curious, what are the most common themes you see when matching mentors with mentees?

2 years ago
Head of Travel & Leisure, Stripe

Hi Ian, yes, it's not a simple task. If you mean themes in terms of what they want to learn - Career planning & entrepreneurship are the top 2, with marketing, managing change, event management & hotel operations not far before. If you mean themes in terms of tricky concepts - the challenge really lies in scheduling mutual time for busy people! Happy to chat through sometimes - as we're learning fast!

2 years ago
Content Manager, Otolo

🚀 Want to support students, graduates and young professionals in their careers? Last Thursday, we launched Early Careers, a series of free webinars to help young people build a career in hospitality. 💚 The next one is tomorrow, #live on LinkedIn and YouTube, hosted by Craig Prentice, founder of Hospitality Talent Partner, mum, James Lemon, our Founder and CEO, and Luce Watson, our Marketing Lead.

💻 3rd February 17:00 PM GMT / 'Top Job Boards and Apps' / with Naomi Hollas, Founder of Event Grads® - Get the resources you need to conduct your job search. Job boards, recruitment platforms, apps… We provide you with useful places to find a job in hospitality. ▶️ Attend: lnkd.in/dGSRzEJ5

💻 10th February 17:00 PM GMT / ‘Interviewing and Culture’ / with Trudi Parr, People + Development at Mollie's - Insights into prepping your interview and getting the dream job offer. ▶️ Attend: lnkd.in/ddu96_tc

💻 17th February 17:00 PM GMT / ‘Finding your Club and Mentors’ / with Lorraine Copes MCIPS, Founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality - Tips to help any mentor or mentee in growing their learning curve! ▶️ Attend: lnkd.in/dsJunZf5

💬 Early Careers participants and attendees are welcome to join our #group to keep the conversation going and share knowledge. 👉 Join the group: lnkd.in/dA3HcdgP

2 years ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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