MyWonderbird A social travel app for instant adventure planning

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MyWonderbird is a social travel app for instant adventure planning.

Swipe your favorite locations
Set up the options and swipe through favorite places to get your special route for your upcoming adventure. πŸ“±

Save your route
Save and use the route for easy navigation in new places. πŸ₯Ύ

Share and inspire others
Upload your snapshots. The app will automatically log your trip route on the map. You will get your very unique travel map!πŸ—Ί

Would you like to upload your travel experiences and help others to find beautiful places? Visit

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Traveler | MyWonderbird travel planning app co-founder,

Hello all travel enthusiasts! πŸ€—

In front of you is the Hackathon Hack4Vilnius winner, "World Award Summit" shortlisted participant - MyWonderbird social travel planning app.

One of our purpose in life is to create a more open, tolerant world and we are currently creating a travel planning app with the aim to create a community of travelers and bring different cultures closer together. 🌷

We need help getting the app out to as many people as possible. If any of this resonates with you - check out our website and download the app and let your friends know about it.

And by the way - you can contribute to making the app better as well! Upload your travel snapshots and they will be added to the planning function so that other explorers can find them. πŸ‘Œ

Bon voyage! πŸ›³

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Inesa, thanks for sharing your travel app with the Travel Massive community. Well done on what you have created so far - I tried the app and explored some spots in Riga (virtually).

What’s next on your feature list? And how are you finding launching on both iOS and Android (does it mean 2x more work?)

2 years ago
Traveler, Co-Founder,

Hi Ian!

I'm one of the Co-founders of MyWonderbird. We actually have an update on the way in the coming weeks with some new goodies like the ability to share the countries you visited on other social networks. And more :)

Here's what we're planning next:
- Adding more new spots to visit around Europe.
- More functionality to create a community of friends on the platform, e.g. following other users, so you can get content that is more relevant to you
- Adding a bunch of prepared trips that a user can base their next trip on e.g. they can select it and follow the trip as is, or they can modify it to better meet their needs.
- Creating a wishlist where the user can "bookmark" a location and then use them when planning their next trip.
- The ultimate goal that we're aiming for at the moment is to be able to suggest a perfect trip to the user based on their preferences at any location they want to travel to. The trip would also include suggestions for accommodation, car rental if necessary, and etc. :)

As for launching on both iOS and Android - we're using Flutter for cross-platform development so we write code once that then can get built into both iOS and Android apps. So the extra work to make it work on both platforms is minimal :)

I invite you to share any interesting spots you have visited on the App as well ☺

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

One of your UX challenges is catering to users who are at different stages of their trip. Ie: inspiration, planning, during trip, etc as they’ll use your app differently depending on what stage they’re in.

Good idea about the social sharing of countries visited, as everyone loves a bit of bragging rights and social proof.

Good luck with the development and keep us posted on any new major features here in the comments! :)

2 years ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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