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Mango Tree Travel Family-friendly Caribbean hotels and destination guides

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🏨 A curated hotel collection, which you can explore using search filters — designed by parents, for parents — to find the Caribbean hotel that fills your family’s needs.

You can’t plan anything for your Caribbean family vacation until your hotel is booked. The right family-friendly hotel can make a trip, offering a chance for parents to unwind, kids to let loose, and everyone to reconnect. Plus, everything else hinges on it: the places you visit, the restaurants you pick, the babysitters you do or don’t hire.

Mango Tree Travel came to life because I believe that finding accommodations with children (that aren’t your cookie-cutter, all-inclusive resorts) should be easier.

Need a room with a separate sleeping space for your snoring 3-year-old? You should be able to find it! Want a beach that’s safe for toddlers so you can actually relax? Of course you do.

Finally, parents have a place to go to get excited about traveling with their kids.

Learn more about our story at mangotreetravel.com/about/

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Founder, Mango Tree Travel

Hi all! I launched Mango Tree Travel because I truly believe finding amazing hotels with kids should be easier, and I want to encourage parents to travel with their young kids. If you're looking for Caribbean travel inspiration, or family travel tips, I hope you'll check it out and share it with other parents!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Lee, thanks for sharing Mango Tree Travel with the Travel Massive community.

Your platform looks fantastic, clearly a lot of effort has gone into developing it, well done!

How has your business been received by the hotels and resorts you’ve listed? I can imagine you’re also helping to bring them qualified customers (e.g. families) that they might not be able to reach on traditional OTAs.

On the marketing side, how do you reach family travelers on what must be a hotly contested advertising market for accommodation? Are there better channels than others? (Eg. Instagram vs AdWords)

1 year ago
Founder, Mango Tree Travel

Hi Ian! Thanks for the support and the questions about Mango Tree -- so glad you like the platform.

You asked about how the platform has been received by hotels: It's been great! In particular, it's been very well received by small, boutique hotels that might not otherwise stand out to family travelers among massive, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. Those are the best partnerships, in my mind, because I can support independently owned hotels while also giving family travelers a great travel experience.

So far, word of mouth and Facebook seem to be the best way to reach families, though we are still new (only launched in June!) and figuring out the best channel.

I look forward to sharing more on Travel Massive as we continue to grow and generate new content and ideas for families traveling to the Caribbean!

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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