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April 2022
A platform to discover, plan and book experiential holidays in India

LivingStone is changing the way people spend their leisure time - making holidays a way of life.

We are based in India and we want to revolutionise the way people spend their leisure time. The plan is to make holidays an integral part of our lives. We are transforming the way people discover, plan and experience holidays. We are making holidaying convenient and experiential.

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3 months ago

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Founder, LivingStone Stays

Hi everyone! I am Chirag and I'm founder of an experiential holiday company LivingStone Stays. We are very soon launching an experiential holiday platform - It will be a one-stop solution to discover, plan and book experiential holidays. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

4 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Chirag, thanks for sharing LivingStone Stays with the Travel Massive community.

What criteria do you use to determine what accomodations to list?

3 months ago
Founder, LivingStone Stays

Hi Ian, Happy to share our story with the community. :)

The only factor we look at is that if property provides something experiential other than the stay. We have categorised experiences into 5 broader categories - (1) Relaxing, (2) Romantic, (3) Thrilling, (4) Celebrations and (5) Workcations. Any activity or service available at the property which goes inline with any of the above experience is suitable to list on the platform.

3 months ago
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