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LinkedLivin Members-only home swapping and renting community

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LinkedLivin allows members to live and travel with flexibility.

We offer a vetted network of people, where you can see everyone's social media profiles and have a call before deciding to rent out your place. Our prices are cheaper because our members are not trying to make short-term rental income, instead they are simply looking to cover costs when they are away, or even swap an apartment.

Join and start saving on travels!

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Founder & CEO, LinkedLivin

Hi everyone!

My name is Natalie and I've created LinkedLivin to travel freely.

Our story:

I live in Miami, but like to spend time in different cities as I mainly work from home. Airbnb didn't work for me because it's expensive and I didn't feel comfortable listing my place there. I found myself browsing through different Facebook groups and What's app chats to look for swaps or affordable short-term rentals, but then I was always afraid of scam or the type of people I engage with there. So I decided to create a website with only vetted and verified members, where you know exactly who you are interacting with. This gained traction and we now have close to 1k members on the platform. We soon realized that the type of people we gathered can actually benefit from knowing each other, so we also started organizing events and meet-ups for our community members. Some people even found job opportunities through our network.

In essence, LinkedLivin is about:

β€’ Vetted community of professionals
β€’ 2-3x lower prices vs. Airbnb
β€’ High quality apartments in best locations

I'd be happy to see more Travel Massive members on our platform, saving thousands of dollars like our existing members.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about us at www.linkedlivin.com/about/

Always open for your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the product! :)

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for sharing LinkedLivin with the Travel Massive community.

This is a fantastic initiative that demonstrates the real value of the β€œsharing economy” and the power of a trusted community!

A couple of questions:

1. Can non-US members join? I guess that most of the demand is US based. I live in Tasmania which might be a bit far away to swap! Would you add international swapping in the future or are you limited to the US?

2. What are the most in-demand cities for your members? And how do you manage to keep balance/parity in the network between more popular and less popular places? E.g someone lives in middle of nowhere so nobody swaps with them.

3. Have you seen any interesting trends in remote work through building your business?

Keep up the great work and it looks like you’ve created a wonderful travel community!

6 months ago
Founder & CEO, LinkedLivin

Thank you, Ian! Appreciate kind words. To answer your questions:

1. Our coverage in mainly US + major global travel hubs like London, Dubai, etc. We've never had a listing in Tasmania, but would be awesome to see it on our map! You never know what other members might be interested in exploring, and we do have some adventurous folks.

2. LinkedLivin is not limited to home swapping. Members can also rent out their places in exchange for money. There's a natural balance, as most of our members live in highly sought-after locations. We also feature some listings on social media for an extra boost, so we try to support our hosts as much as possible.

3. I haven't observed these trends long enough, as we just launched the platform in January. Most of our members are remote or hybrid and, for many of them, this arrangement was not in place before covid.

I hope that helps and would love to see you joining LinkedLivin community! :)

6 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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