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InstaCities Budapest A city guide built with the urban traveller in mind

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The InstaCities Budapest guide contains 80 beautifully designed cards, highlighting the places to stay, eat, drink and explore in this vibrant city. It’s up-to-date and all destinations are tried and tested 👍

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Travel expert, travel blogger, Mr Globetrotter Ltd.

Hi, I'm Béla Molnar aka Mr Globetrotter. Mr Globetrotter as the name suggests is always on the road and always on the lookout to find the hottest spots around the world. I love sharing information and generally love looking after people.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always found traditional city guides a little…underwhelming.

They’re often outdated and always cumbersome to carry. And they tend to point you in the direction of tourist traps, rather than authentic city experiences.

City guide apps solve some of these problems – but create others. Whenever I’ve used them they drain my smartphone battery and use up all my data.

So I got to thinking.

Maybe there was another way – a better way – to guide people to the best a city has to offer.

A way to combine the beautiful aesthetic of a perfectly curated Instagram feed, with the insider tips of a travel connoisseur (who’d eaten, drunk and explored the length and breadth of a particular metropolis).

And that’s how the InstaCities concept came to be.

Of course, Budapest was always going to be the InstaCities destination I chose to release first.

I was born and raised in Hungary, only leaving as a young adult to explore a world beyond the Communist confines of Eastern Europe.

Hungary and Budapest are places I know inside out.

They’re also places I head back to regularly. So I can catch up on the latest movers, shakers and buzz makers in the city – and visit my mum.

Many of the places included in this edition of the InstaCities series are run by people I’ve grown up with or have followed throughout their careers.

They’re local Hungarians who have founded thriving, independent businesses and are helping to make Budapest one of the most exciting cities in the world.

So it made perfect sense to showcase these superstars and my beautiful hometown in the first InstaCities release.

Open up your pocket-size pack of cards and you’ll find:

🏨 Hotels
🍽 Restaurants
🍹 Bars
☕️ Coffee Shops
🍰🍦 Sweet Treats
👀 City Sights
ℹ️ Essential Info
🗺️ A Fold Out Map

Why choose the InstaCities Budapest guide?

InstaCities Budapest is a new kind of travel guide.

It contains beautiful photography, up-to-the-minute recommendations and scannable QR codes for easy booking, all within a pocket-sized pack of cards.

It also offers a host of great benefits for the 21st century urban traveller:

• It’s up-to-date
• All destinations are tried and tested
• There are no backhanders. And no sponsored posts.
• Travellers get to support indie businesses
• It’s chock-a-block with curated recommendations

👉 Order today at www.mrglobetrotter.co.uk/products/instacities-budapest-edition

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Bela, thanks for sharing your project here with the Travel Massive community!

The cards look great, and I'm imagining you could slide a couple of "must sees" in your wallet before you headed out to explore for the day. Is there an "app only" version if someone wants to go digital only? I think the format would work quite well on a phone, swiping through each card with some simple UX.

1 year ago
Travel expert, travel blogger, Mr Globetrotter Ltd.

Thank you for featuring it 🙏🏻 I'm glad you like it. The USP of the series is that we can keep it up to date. It is digitally printed when someone orders, so there is no preprinted stock. If any information changes, the next order already reflects the new information. So it's never out of date. 🤩
Yes, the digital version is something I've been thinking about, and currently, I'm producing a mobile app called "Essential Iceland". Once I release that, (in 3-4 weeks' time) I'll revisit the Instacities digital option.

1 year ago

I just read the reply about having this as an app. I was also thinking it would be easier and also keeping things up to date. But it sounds like the cards will be updated if there are changes. Well Done

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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