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Iago Learn Japanese via subtitles

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Iago is a free browser extension where you can learn from Japanese subtitles directly on videos.

The plugin lets you interact with subtitles in shows on YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ by breaking down words and explaining their meaning. When you click a subtitle the video is paused and the meaning of the Japanese characters is displayed. On the website, you can review words you've seen on your videos, and explore suggested shows from beginner to advanced.

⬇️ You can download the plugin (it requires a free signup to use) on their offical website at getiago.com

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This is a cool way to learn a language! 😮

Iago works by integrating into YouTube subtitles, so you can learn from any Japanese captioned show. Clicking a subtitle will pause the video, and you can learn more about the characters and their meaning.

I got up and running in minutes (it supports Google sign in), and it was less complicated than I thought it would be. The interface is really well done.

If you're learning Japanese, or just planning a visit, this is worth a look.

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