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GroupTools Group planning re-imagined

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πŸ“² From day trips to road trips, and beyond - GroupTools is a group travel app that provides you with the tools needed to #GroupForward on your group trips.

Our leadership team has over 40 years of combined experience running group sales companies and building custom software solutions for those businesses. We’ve leveraged that tech expertise and cross-industry group sales experience, to build the tools that are helping people to do things together (and plan better) in real life.

GroupTools brings together suppliers, group travel organizers, and attendees to unify and de-stress the traditional group trip planning process and provide a fast, easy, and fun group experience for everyone involved.

When you plan with GroupTools, you’re not planning alone. Our community success team is here to support you during every step of your group trip planning process. As a member of the GroupTools community, you can manage your groups from anywhere, at any time, and from any device and you can get support from us the same way.

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Community Success Manager, GroupTools

Hello all! I'm Victoria and I'm the Community Success Manager for GroupTools! We are super excited to share GroupTools with y'all! We're a group travel app with a master plan to simplify group planning and organization while making it fast, easy, and fun.

We'd love the opportunity to help you with your group trip needs so feel free to reach out and let us know how we can make your group travel planning as easy as can be.

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