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AI-generated itineraries in multiple languages
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😎 FreePlanTour creates personalized itineraries to any destination, using AI and external APIs.

We support 16+ languages 🌐 in any destination — whether it's a trip to the busy streets of Tokyo or the quiet beaches of Bali. You can also share your adventures with others and add your own logo.

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I'm Eduardo, the creator of I am a software developer and have always been passionate about travel and technology. I wanted to create a tool that could help make travel planning easier and more personalized for everyone.

Check out some of the guides I've created with FreePlanTour and formatted with Microsoft Sway (a presentation tool):

🇨🇷 Costa Rica:
🇧🇷 Brazil:

Thanks for taking a look and I'd be happy to answer any questions!

4 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Eduardo, thanks for sharing your project with the Travel Massive community.

The guides formatted in Microsoft Sway look great! Is there a way (possibly a business model for you) to hook into Sway? Getting the AI generated guides into this format is quite compelling!

What external APIs are you using for your data sources? Are there any sources of information you’d like to add?

4 months ago

Hi Ian,

We are coming up with new ideas to streamline the AI-to-Sway process.

For data, we're juggling APIs from ChatGPT, GoogleTravel, and TripAdvisor. We're all about packing as much valuable info into our itineraries as we can. We're looking for more local insider tips as far as new sources are concerned, because who doesn't enjoy finding undiscovered treasures?

Thank you for your support. The journey ahead excite us!

4 months ago