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Meetups are social gatherings that bring people together to share ideas. When you combine people and ideas, magic happens! New innovations, businesses and friendships are created when we get together. This is why in-person, local meetups are so important for the future of our industry. Plus, they are fun!

The pandemic impacted many of our chapter leaders and community members, and prevented local gatherings from taking place. Cities are open again, so we're rebuilding our network of local meetups.

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If you'd like to take over this group, simply get in contact with us and organize a meetup.

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Frankfurt Travel Massive A travel community in Frankfurt

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Affectionately referred to as Main-hattan because of its skyline, Frankfurt am Main looks and feels like a metropolis, but amazingly this city only has a population of 700 000. It is arguably one of the most culturally diverse cities in Germany, with an estimated 30% of its population being expats.

Frankfurt am Main is home to the busiest Airport in Germany and most of the large airlines have their German headquarters here. Due to its proximity to the airport, it is home to many major tour operating companies as well as countless smaller ones. Around this formal travel industry has arisen a healthy number of complimenting enterprises.

Frankfurt is a wonderful mix of traditional German flair in contrast to the tallest building on Europe. Frankfurt has its centuries old "Apfelwein" bars and "Fachwerkhäuser" and it has it is hip, trendy and sexy all at the same time.

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