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Dog Travel Gear A Dog Travel Store for Bark Worthy Adventures

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Dog Travel Gear features a diverse array of products aimed at ensuring bark worthy and tail wagging explorations, from essentials such as crates, treats, travel bowls, and toys, to crucial items like dog first aid kits, a selection of collars and leashes and doggie seat belts, and much more.

Additionally, for fashion-forward furry friends, the site offers a range of adorable hoodies, ensuring that every aspect of your pet's journey is met with comfort, safety, and style. Every product featured on Dog Travel Gear undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a successful and enjoyable pet-friendly journey.

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Dog Travel Expert, Dog Travel Gear

As a dog-centric author, dog travel expert, and advocate for pet-friendly adventures, I recently launched Dog Travel Gear, a one-stop destination for all things essential when traveling with your canine companion: dogtravelgear.com

Our vision is a world where every journey is filled with dog-friendly adventure—a future where dogs are welcomed with open arms in all destinations.

Here are just a few of our featured products:

Pet Life ‘PYURE’ Handheld Travel Filtered Water Feeder — Keep your furry friend hydrated on the go with this convenient water bottle designed specifically for dogs.

Cruising Companion On The Go Food Bag — The travel-ready pouch has a zipper top to help you quickly fill and dispense food on the go.

Dog Baxter Backpack — Get Fido packed up and ready to go with the lightweight, tough, custom-fit Baxter Pack.

Dog First Aid Kit — Be prepared for any mishaps with this comprehensive first aid kit designed specifically for dogs.

Pendleton National Park Pet Beds — Inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills®patterns, this collection takes us on a journey of the beautiful landscapes of our great National Parks enjoyed by millions over the years.

Paws On The Go Blog: Your Guide to Canine Adventures 🐾 🚗

The site’s blog, "Paws on the Go," serves as a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise in dog travel. Drawing from my lifelong love for dogs and extensive experience in pet-friendly travel, the blog offers invaluable insights on destinations, tips, and resources to make every adventure unforgettable.

👉 Read the blog at dogtravelgear.com/paws-on-the-go/

Some of the stories you’ll find on "Paws on the Go" include:

• Essential Packing Tips for Dog-Friendly Road Trips
• The Importance of Crate Training Your Dog: Creating a Safe Haven
• Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
• Essential Items for Your Dog's Travel First Aid Kit
• Celebrate National Parks Week With Your Dog

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Dog Travel Gear thank you! Love your site and your articles!! also love your pet friendly adventure advice!! The first aid kit is a must have for every pet owner!!

15 days ago
Dog Travel Expert, Dog Travel Gear


15 days ago

If you are a dog owner who loves to travel, Dog Travel Gear is the perfect place to find virtually anything you need!

15 days ago
Dog Travel Expert, Dog Travel Gear

Love to hear that! Woof!

15 days ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Some cool products! I travel with my dog. Thanks for sharing.

15 days ago
Dog Travel Expert, Dog Travel Gear

Thanks for your comment! Happy Tails!

14 days ago

Great information and very timely with summer travel season just around the corner. I checked out the dogtravelgear.com website and love the curated selection. Thanks so much for sharing, Susan!

11 days ago
Dog Travel Expert, Dog Travel Gear

Happy Trails, Happy Tails!!!!

11 days ago
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