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How a one-way ticket to Ireland started a global network Interview with Sahara Rose De Vore, founder of The Travel Coach Network

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Sahara Rose De Vore founded The Travel Coach Network to help ambitious travelers become certified travel coaches.

Sahara Rose leads the Milwaukee Travel Massive. She is a Wellness Travel Coach and helps travelers have intentional and meaningful experiences. Sahara Rose has been seen in 60+ media outlets like Forbes & Business Insider.

Read Sahara Rose’s story in our interview.

How did you get into the travel industry?

After graduating from a tourism program, I was really unhappy with the lack of travel career options that existed. I didn’t want to fit into the mold of what society or others said I should do if I wanted to work in the travel industry so, instead, I bought a one-way ticket to Ireland, packed a bag, and set off to explore the world.

I spent over a decade traveling to more than 84 countries by the age of 31. I fell in love with travel and what it was teaching me about myself, the world, humanity, the travel industry, and what I wanted out of life. I knew that there was more to a travel job than blogging and bookings so I decided to put purpose to my wanderlust and start my own travel coaching business.

What is The Travel Coach Network?

The Travel Coach Network (thetravelcoachnetwork.com) (TCN) is a growing community of travel coaches and experts around the world.

Through the Travel Coach Certification Program, the world’s first and only accredited program for travel coaches, ambitious travelers learn how to become certified travel coaches and create authentic businesses that align with their travel expertise, interests, and passion. The TCN bridges the gap between travelers seeking help, information, and guidance, and expert travelers who specialize in their own niche. The TCN also houses the first platform for people to find and hire a travel coach.

What is unique about the Network?

People tend to think that you can only do what has been proven or done before but I am a firm believer that you can create and do anything that you want in life, as long as you believe in your vision.

I knew that there was far more to a travel job or career than being a blogger, travel agent, travel manager, or an influencer. Every traveler has their own unique travel experiences and expertise that can make an impact on the lives of others and that people want to know.

The Travel Coach Network is the only platform that exists where passionate travelers can learn how to become a Certified Travel Coach and list their travel coaching business. It’s also the only place where people can find and hire a travel coach.

How is your business changing the future of travel?

The future of travel is being reshaped as we speak. There is so much room for creativity and innovation with an emphasis on wellbeing and transformative experiences.

Travel Coaches are the future of tourism as each one brings their unique expertise on mindset, sustainability, wellness, remote work and lifestyle adjustments, business travel wellbeing, family travel, solo adventure, natural healing, transformation, and so much more. These are the niches that will be hot topics in the future of travel. Travelers want more out of a travel experience and they want more control. Travel experts want to make a bigger impact on the industry that they love so much.

What’s another travel company you admire and why?

I really admire the Wellness Tourism Organization (www.wellnesstourismassociation.org) for its research and its evolution of ideas in the travel industry.

— Thanks, Sahara Rose for sharing your story!

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