Saving the Unseen Canyon - Komarnica Camp 2024

Šavnik, Montenegro
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Hosted by Kirsi Hyvaerinen, Jelena Popovic, Dejan Lazarević
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3 people attending (1 interested) Who can attend? Local community members, nature lovers, biodiversity experts, wildlife conservationists, responsible tourism and ecotourism experts, media
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About this event

🌞The 2024 Komarnica protection & protest camp will be organised 1-5 May 2024, in its 3rd year in a row - this time in the wonderful surroundings of her canyon in Šavnik, Montenegro. Our camp will bring together all who are willing to learn more, network, and give their contribution to the protection of Komarnica, as well as to the sustainable development of the wild and beautiful small villages - all in line with principles of ecology and responsible rural life & travels.

🌿One part of the camp will be Active Days, in continuation of the previous camps, providing opportunities to explore and dive deep into the Komarnica area, through well-guided nature-based activities such as
* kayaking
* pack-rafting
* rock climbing
* mountain biking
* fly fishing
* educative walks in nature
* art workshops etc.

🙂 You will also have the opportunity to learn about the agricultural values of the area, traditional knowledge, to try local cuisine, and to develop new skills in the traditional way of life in the mountains.

💡 The second unit of the camp will join forces of different experts to create a strategy and action plan for the true protection of the Komarnica Canyon and sustainable development of its surrounding villages.

🗺️ The exact location, agenda and all practical advice will be announced soon, so stay tuned! As background information and inspiration, we recommend to read this article:

📅 Now just save the date, dig out your tent from the winter storage :=) and follow us via #TravelMassiveMNE and #SaveKomarnica on social media!

See you soon in Šavnik,
Save Komarnica Team