Online Guest Speaker: Future tourism development in Montenegro with Ulf Sonntag
Montenegro (Online)
Thursday, Feb 9, 2023
15:00 CET
Hosted by Kirsi Hyvaerinen, Slavica Vukcevic
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We're welcoming 2023 with an optimistic outlook and guest talk with Ulf Sonntag — Managing Director at NIT, Institute for Tourism Research in Northern Europe — looking at future tourism development in Montenegro.

In this presentation, we'll cover:

• General 2023 trends / overview
• What are "good markets" for Montenegro
• What are good audiences for a healthy future tourism development in Montenegro

Ulf will tackle these questions based on his experience of working with numerous European destinations and based on statistically reliable market data (e.g. the German “Reiseanalyse” – He will consider the competitive strengths and weaknesses of Montenegro and explore which concrete segments might be the best ones to focus on in the future. We will also discuss what is necessary to attract the right people at the right time – and how we need to work to get barriers out of the way.

Here's why Ulf is optimistic about 2023: "When I look at the development of travel and tourism in Europe at the moment, I am generally optimistic. I am optimistic that despite all the current crises, people still want to travel and will travel – and I am optimistic that we in the travel industry will manage to change our business models towards a sustainable/regenerative system that will enable us in the future to travel without harming our beautiful planet."

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