Deep Travel Study Tour to Iceland

April 4-9, 2024 (6 Days)
Hosted by Rudi Medved
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13 people interested Who can attend? Travel professionals, content creators, digital nomads, researchers
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About this event

This 6-day deep travel study tour is ideal for travel professionals keen on innovations and growth. It’s for those who are pushing boundaries in technology and travel, and want to transform how we experience our journeys.

We're going to engage with local experts and industry movers and shakers to gain insights in tourism business development, green technology and sustainable practices.

After that, we'll immerse ourselves in the rich Icelandic culture and explore the natural wonders and local traditions through carefully selected, innovative and sustainable travel experiences.

We might even get to see the northern lights from up close.

If you’re a travel specialist, innovator, researcher or part of a startup, this trip is for you.

Why should you attend?

👉 Expand your professional travel network
👉 Explore Iceland's innovations in travel & tech
👉 Experience unique culture
👉 Discover sustainable practices
👉 Gain the latest industry insights

Spots are limited so hurry up. We're accepting applications until Feb 15 2024.

Check out our website for more info or DM the organizer.

We're closely following the situation with the volcano eruption and we'll update any interested participants if there will be any changes to the tour.