Bansko Nomad Fest 2023

Bansko, Bulgaria
June 25 to July 2, 2023 (8 Days)
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643 people attending (11 interested) Who can attend? Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Remote workers, Content Creators
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About this event

For one week hundreds of nomads, remote workers and freelancers will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.

Over the last 6 years Bansko has grown into a major digital nomad hub in Europe. Coworking Bansko is the epicenter of the community here and has about 125-175 members throughout the year.

A lot of nomads turned into Bansko residents and many of our members are coming back to Bansko after exploring the world. Bansko Nomad Fest compresses our magic into one week where we showcase everything Bansko has to offer and share this experience with hundreds of new friends.

Last year we were sold out at 550 people, and this year we increased our capacity to 750 nomads.

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🤩 What is Bansko Nomad Fest about?
The structure of Bansko Nomad Fest is optimized for engagement: There will be conference talks, workshops and presentations in the mornings and then we use the afternoons for a range of fun activities in the nature around us as well as for unconference sessions and meetups.

Everyone will have a choice of activities that are already included in your ticket like yoga, hiking, speed-dating etc. And there are additional premium activities like rafting, horse back riding, quad biking, a wine tour or mountain biking. The evenings are meant to network and enjoy tasty food as well as music.

There will be also enough "free time" where you can enjoy Bansko with newly found friends or just work a bit.

Our focus is around the nomad lifestyle and remote work, so everyone will have engaging experiences regardless of where they are in their own journey.

🎙 Speakers & Program
75+ Inspiring Speakers Will Share their Stories and Expertise. A wide range of topics ensure that everyone has a great time. We will announce the speakers over the course of the next months leading up to the event. We offer our early bird discounts to everyone who commits early without having all the details. Plus many unconference sessions and self-organized meetups around topics that you are passionate about.

See you in Bansko!

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