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Colin Bidewell
Founder, Pathway Consulting Group Limited

Former CPO/Strategic Head of Procurement in healthcare

Big 4, consulting and industry experience in sourcing, procurement, supplier relationship management and value chain optimisation across multiple sectors

Currently operating as independent management consultant helping clients ensure they have „the right contracts with the right people for the right things“ (TM)(C)

Struck by lightbulb moment on cruise ship on a sea day (all aboard) ...“Why can‘t I use my device to secure and go straight to a vacant lounger on the sundeck, order my F&B, charge my device“ ?

* Why are we putting existing UV product warnings too far from the risk to which those warnings relate
* Why am I paying too much of my compulsory NICs to treat an 80% avoidable condition in skincancer instead of treating other conditions. Who is being denied care as a result of the status quo and how does all this align with the core ethics of "hospital-ity". What is the emerging judgement landscape in tort law relevant to this situation
* Why do we have POS IT in grocery retail to tackle overconsumption/panic-buying but not in travel
* How can invention be used as new evidence with which to prosecute and defend accessibility claims under Article 30 UNCRPD2008 ("on an equal basis") and evangelise D&I
* How fit for purpose is FSMA 2000 (Ch 3B(1)(c) "sustainable growth of the UK economy") and global extrapolation considering SDGs; and appropriate is DfT's underwriting of the packaged holiday market in its current form in terms of accessibility and sustainability via the CAA's ATOL scheme, given the strain on our public healthcare services
* Why is there a break in flowdown integrity of the 17x SDGs between UN member states and enterprises incorporated within them. To what extent should government bailouts for business continuity be conditional upon sustainability and accessibility criteria
* To what extent does this industry's mixed messages on guest health and safety lack integrity and undermine trust burned by the cash versus credit refund saga, harming sales across the hospitality/wellness/spa space
* To what extent does the project need a net profitable commercial model
* How long should it take from a patent filing date to deliver multi-stakeholder benefit at scale. How much patient care since patent application has already been put at risk by the status quo

Then came c19 pushing guest health and safety to the forefront of our minds...then global equality protests in the midst of a pandemic.

Semi-finalist, Startup Showcase, WTM/T>F, London 2018 (RELX Group Plc, for profit)
Finalist, HITEC/e20x, Palma 2019 (HFTP, not for profit)
Speaker, ENTER2020, Guildford 2020 (Academia);lng=en

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Travel and financial services market regulation (ie ATOL, Ch 3B[1][c] FSMA 2000 etc) is not enough. Society needs more help in travel in order to improve accessibility and sustainability and delivery against corporate/industrial social responsibility