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Lynnette Vyles
Founder and content creator, Life Without A Roadmap

Hello! My name is Lynnette and along with my husband Charlie, we are travel loving, SCUBA diving, beach loving, sunset chasing, cocktail drinking nature lovers. Together, we take our love of SCUBA diving, beaches, road trips, cocktails, and nature and share them with our social media family. We take them with us through engaging stories, beautiful pictures, and fun adventures.

Life Without A Roadmap was born after I gave up a 15-year career in retail management to pursue happiness and a less stressed lifestyle. The name from me leaving a career without a plan for the future and living life without a roadmap.

We believe that life, and travel, does not always have to have a map. We show our followers that they don't always have to follow a plan or "map" and that being spontaneous can bring about great moments.

Our goal is to create content that entices our readers into packing their bags and going on adventures of their own.

April 2020
Cypress, Texas
4 events
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